Friday, July 15, 2011

JEWELRY ANYONE? of my (many) weaknesses. I have developed a fondness (and apparently a reputation) for wearing bracelets, and never just one. But earrings and necklaces (watch out, my friend and jeweler extraordinaire Merriann Grant of ZIPPITY DOODADS), tempt me big-time as well! And PINS...don't get me started!!! Since I can't wear them all myself, some of these pins adorn various tote bags and purses. One of Nan Loncharich's creations (FANCY WOOL FLOWERS) now lives on a favorite tote...

Which brings me to telling you about one of my own pin offerings, LOG CABIN SYRUP.

Since I've been teaching punch needle through a quilt shop lately, some of my designs now have "quilt" themes. This wee pin (approximately 1.25 x 1.25 inches) is actually punched on canvas (a non-traditional punch needle material); with a needle that is not used much (the big, bad #6-strand); employing a "syrup" of different threads. My designs tend to have names because they usually began as "patterns". I hope to teach this pin as a workshop someday.

Here is another of my quilt designs, OCTOBER STAR, shown as a pincushion and a key-holder, and exhibiting two different colorways.

Yipes! Just had another idea...time to haul out the sketch-pad!
I'll show you more pins next time...
Thanks for "listening"!

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