Friday, July 22, 2011


Sorry, but it's REALLY hot and steamy outside, making me yearn for cooler days...autumn days...when the oaks begin dropping their acorns. As an admirer of all-things-fall, yet another of my designs just HAD to be an acorn...specifically, KATHY'S ACORN.

The idea came to me around the time of my dear friend "Kathy's" BIG 5-0 birthday...she likes acorns just about as much as I this "pin" (I have also made it into a magnet) was created and named in her honor. It sports a hand-made polymer-clay leaf and a bit of stem from the oak tree in my backyard. At a workshop last October, ten students learned the art of punch needle embroidery with KATHY'S ACORN as their "beginner" project. I hope to offer a few for sale at   AN ARTFUL AFFAIR  this October.

 Time to return to "summer" things...wait 'til you see my beach chair! With that morsel, I bid you happy weekend, and thanks for "listening"...    

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