Friday, July 22, 2011


Sorry, but it's REALLY hot and steamy outside, making me yearn for cooler days...autumn days...when the oaks begin dropping their acorns. As an admirer of all-things-fall, yet another of my designs just HAD to be an acorn...specifically, KATHY'S ACORN.

The idea came to me around the time of my dear friend "Kathy's" BIG 5-0 birthday...she likes acorns just about as much as I this "pin" (I have also made it into a magnet) was created and named in her honor. It sports a hand-made polymer-clay leaf and a bit of stem from the oak tree in my backyard. At a workshop last October, ten students learned the art of punch needle embroidery with KATHY'S ACORN as their "beginner" project. I hope to offer a few for sale at   AN ARTFUL AFFAIR  this October.

 Time to return to "summer" things...wait 'til you see my beach chair! With that morsel, I bid you happy weekend, and thanks for "listening"...    

Friday, July 15, 2011


Just finished my rough (very, very rough) sketch for a new design ..THAT was fun.
But now I must return to writing the instructions for SUNFLOWER CANDY BOX in a way that my students in the October workshop (and anyone buying the pattern) will understand..."How DO you get that wired thread around those punched petals?"

THAT...not so fun.

But, still a part of the process and to be respected. I bid you a fond good evening, good weekend, and as always, thanks for "listening"... 

JEWELRY ANYONE? of my (many) weaknesses. I have developed a fondness (and apparently a reputation) for wearing bracelets, and never just one. But earrings and necklaces (watch out, my friend and jeweler extraordinaire Merriann Grant of ZIPPITY DOODADS), tempt me big-time as well! And PINS...don't get me started!!! Since I can't wear them all myself, some of these pins adorn various tote bags and purses. One of Nan Loncharich's creations (FANCY WOOL FLOWERS) now lives on a favorite tote...

Which brings me to telling you about one of my own pin offerings, LOG CABIN SYRUP.

Since I've been teaching punch needle through a quilt shop lately, some of my designs now have "quilt" themes. This wee pin (approximately 1.25 x 1.25 inches) is actually punched on canvas (a non-traditional punch needle material); with a needle that is not used much (the big, bad #6-strand); employing a "syrup" of different threads. My designs tend to have names because they usually began as "patterns". I hope to teach this pin as a workshop someday.

Here is another of my quilt designs, OCTOBER STAR, shown as a pincushion and a key-holder, and exhibiting two different colorways.

Yipes! Just had another idea...time to haul out the sketch-pad!
I'll show you more pins next time...
Thanks for "listening"!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Is anybody wondering about my very first design? Technically, it was the BAA FOR BEGINNERS sheep pictured here in my sidebar. I had to come up with something simple but fun for those just starting out in punch needle. Since my classes were to be held in a knit shop full of wonderful wools (KATHY'S KREATIONS, Ligonier, PA), a sheep seemed appropriate. The rich, crimson background was homage to shop-owner and designer Kathy, whose favorite color is red.

But my REAL "first" design, a design for "sale", HAD to be autumn-related (although kitties and thistles ran as close seconds). I love everything about fall: the cooler weather; the scents; the COLORS...of the sky, of leaves and acorns and PUMPKINS! My first REAL punch needle design was WEE PUMPKIN PIN. It can be made into as a magnet as well.

Sorry, I know everyone is gearing up for the big 4th of July weekend and might not necessarily care to see a pumpkin, but let's just call it a "Helen".

Happy "4th" all, and thanks for "listening"...