Monday, June 13, 2011


How appropriate to be making my very first post on such a special day! It's "Guppy's" birthday, or would be, if she were still with us (she went to kitty heaven last June). Guppy is still very much in my heart and in my world...if you'd like to chat with me personally, try my email address, And if you'd like to see a photo of Guppy, here she is with me (or check us out on face book, Helen C. Herglotz Stetina).

All this tech-stuff is still very new to me, so please be patient (-:

HELEN'S TREASURES is also still very new to me! I have a few designs under my belt and plan to post more photos of them in the future. My designs began as punch needle patterns, created mainly for teaching purposes. But now, some of those designs will appear on items I'll create to sell. That's what I find most intriguing and creative about the whole process...having an idea, then punching it, AND THEN, deciding how to best display/portray it.



Yes, I still love to teach! My "specialty" has become punch needle embroidery, but I have lots of counted cross stitch, needlepoint, some beading, some knitting/crocheting and finishing skills I could share. And I love incorporating some of these skills in "finished" pieces. Please check out ...I will be teaching two punch needle workshops at a Fall Quilter's Retreat sponsored by the quilt shop, Kate & Becca's Quilt Patch Etc, in October of this year. WEE TREE ORNAMENT will be offered as a "beginner" project; SUNFLOWER CANDY BOX is geared for those who are already familiar with punching and want MORE.

OK, time to give "Star" some attention...she already jumped on my laptop TWICE while I was typing! Thanks for "listening"!   

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  1. Love your tree ornament! I am just learning to do punch needle em. Nan has me smitten with her flowers....I'm so glad I got to meet her. Your blog is lovely. I hope you will do a simple tutorial ? Perhaps you already have...I must look about. Warm wishes for a happy day...